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Eunice J Friend

Eunice is a self taught artist and turor working a range of mediums to produce original and affordable artworks.
Starting her professional career producing pet portraits, her catalogue of works now spans animals, wildlife, abstract and life studies
Loving nothing more than whiling away the hours in front of the easel Eunice carefully uses colour and mixed media to create striking original artworks.

Sharing her  techniques across the spectrum of mediums she loves to use is so important to her. Seeing people who take part in both online and in person classes at the studio progress brings her such a sense of fulfillment.

Passing on the joy of taking part in art.


Eunice say's

I believe in channelling my creativity in order to produce unique artwork. The inspiration for my work is based on the natural world.  I am surrounded by beauty and nature in the Northamptonshire countryside which undoubtedly influences my work .

Each year, my work grows and evolves into something bigger, more interesting, and better. As an artist, there is no greater pleasure for me than finding genuine growth and improvement in my projects. One of my greatest achievements to date is being commissioned by Berkeley Inn pub group in Derbyshire to create bespoke works to adorn their pubs and hotels. The largest of these being 2, 6ft by 5ft the paintings depicting the cock horse.


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