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Studio 5 3D Snail Flower Pot Silicone Mould


Discover the Whimsical World of Snail-Shaped Creations


Introducing the Snail Concrete Pot Silicone Mould – Your Portal to Artistic Freedom!


Are you ready to embark on a journey of imagination and innovation? Our high-quality silicone mould is your key to crafting enchanting snail-shaped candle holders, charming planters, and so much more. Let your creativity bloom!


creating candle holders, planters, or any other project that requires moisture retention.


Versatile Casting Compatibility: Unleash your artistic prowess with a wide range of casting materials. Whether it's plaster, Jesmonite, gypsum, epoxy resin, or traditional resin, this mould is your trusted partner in crafting magic.

Beauty in Details: The intricacies of our snail design come to life when you use fine casting materials. The result? Breathtakingly beautiful creations that will leave everyone in awe.



🌿 Bring Nature Indoors: Infuse a touch of nature into your living spaces with adorable snail-themed decor. These creations make for wonderful gifts and conversation starters, adding a touch of whimsy to any room.






  • Single-piece-Silicone Mould.



  • Designed for long term use.



  • Easy-to-pour opening.



  • Easy to demould.



  • Requires almost no cleaning between castings.

3D Snail Flower Pot Silicone Mould

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