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The Artway 1.5” Flat Wash Brush is an extremely versatile paint brush, useful primarily to apply large areas of paint, most commonly watercolour or for preparing a surface with water prior to painting. Turned edge on, this brush can be used to create - with varying pressure - anything from sharp, crisp fine lines to sweeping, expressive arcs.

The long, synthetic, durable bristles can hold a large amount of paint, or a dry brush can absorb good amounts of excess material or water. The wooden handle is finished with a deep, matte-red colour for a classic appearance.

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  • Single brush
  • Flat wash paint brush for applying large areas of colour
  • Also suitable for a variety of dynamic brush strokes when used edge on
  • Long synthetic bristles hold a good amount of paint
  • Deep matte-red wooden handle

Artway 1.5" Flat Wash Paint Brush - Wooden Handle - Nylon Bristles

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