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Aurora Ipsilonis part of a series of resin works. All resin works are one off unique pieces that will never be repeated.
Pure ink pigment and sparkling mica powders were added to epoxy resin to create this piece. The work is on board and presented in a  solid wood matt black frame.White, black, red and goldmica pigments were applied then gently fused with a heat gun. The feathering effect of the red into the white and gold into the black were then carefully teased out to create the movement and patternisation you see. Once resin is set it has a wonderful glass like finish.
As the pigments blend magical patternisation occurs. You never know for sure what you will achieve, as once completed the particles continue to morph.
The resin gives a tough glass like protective coating.You can only really appreciate the work in person and catch how it changes dependent on the light source.
Signed on the reverse, it comes with a certificate of authenticity 
Mixed Media painting
Ink & mica powder, Resin,
Dimensions 43.4 x 53.4 cm (framed)   /  40 x 50 cm (actual image size)
This artwork is sold framed

Aurora Ipsilon, Resin on Board, Framed

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