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Create your own charming flat backed Christmas Angel with raised heart motif. You can use as a freestanding ornament or attach an eye and adorn your tree.

The mould is made of high quality platinum silicone material, flexible, smooth , durable, reusable and washable, easy to release.

This mould is compatible with most resin and other casting materials, you can add beads,
rhinestones, sequins, colours, dried flowers or any fillers you like.

Just add your preferred casting medium and start creating.

Mould Size: approx 10 x 2 cms

Cast approx  8 x 8..5 x 1.5 cms


As these moulds are hand-made you may find slight imperfections on the outside of the silicone, as its hand poured with no machines involved in its production. This WILL NOT affect the use of the mould or the finished casting

Christmas 3D Angel Platinum Silicone Mould

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