Wagtails Watercolour Tutorial

Grab yourself some me time whilst learning a new skill.

Watercolour and ink the perfect combination. I will teach you how to use your watercolours to create this charmong scene.


 Materials required

Cold pressed watercolour paper https://www.eunicejfriend.com/product-page/artway-a4-watercolour-pad

Set of watercolour paints https://www.eunicejfriend.com/product-page/artway-watercolour-paint-set-14-colours

Colours Ultra marine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre

Set of watercolour brushes https://www.eunicejfriend.com/product-page/artway-watercolour-brush-set

Fine liner Ink Pen https://www.eunicejfriend.com/product-page/derwent-line-maker-black

Wagtails Watercolour Tutorial


Your tutorial link and reference pic will download as a PDF at checkout



Unit 5 Hill farm Estate NN14 4AS

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