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Crystalline Watercolour

A unique pigment based crystalline painting medium

Bright, vibrant, transparent and most importantly LIGHTFAST crystal colours that mix easily with water to produce an instant painting medium

Using Crystalline Watercolour

Drop the watercolour crystals onto dry watercolour paper then spray with an atomiser and watch the pigments burst into action

Wet the paper and sprinkle it onto the wet paper

Dissolve the coloured crystals in a cup of water and paint out with a brush as you would usually

These are only a few ways we've tested each of these crystal colours, each one will burst into action as soon as a waterbased liquid is present so the possiblies are only limited by your imagination

Each colour is fully intermixable providing a near infinite colour palette

Use on its own or alongside other mediums such as watercolour paint to create unique effects

Perfect for artists of all experiences from beginners to advanced who value high-quality materials

This set includes:


Pigments: Quinophthalone Yellow / Isoindoline YellowPigment c.i number: P.Y 138 / P.Y 110Series: 3Lightfastness: AAAOpacity: Transparent

Poppy Red

Pigments: Quinophthalone Yellow / Pyrrole RedPigment c.i number: P.Y 138 / P.R 254Series: 3Lightfastness: AAAOpacity: Semi-Transparent

Phthalo Blue

Series: 3Lightfastness: AAAOpacity: Transparent

Dark Green

Pigments: Phthalocyanine Blue / Quinophthalone YellowPigment c.i number: P.B 15 / P.Y 138Series: 2Lightfastness: AAAOpacity: Transparent

Grey Violet

Pigments: Phthalocyanine Blue / Quinacridone Magenta / Quinophthalone YellowPigment c.i number: P.B 15 / P.R 122 / P.Y 138Series: 3Lightfastness: AAAOpacity: Transparent

Crystalline Watercolour Pigment

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