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These fine artisan, handmade, watercolors are to die for!


These dot cards are the perfect way to try out some handmade professional watercolors without breaking the bank! Each card comes with 5 dots from my primary colour collection which I use in all my Watercolour Wednesday Tutorials

The dots come with a generous amount so that you can really give them a good try. The dots will very in size. They will all be packed in plastic sleeves during the humid winter months to protect them a bit better.


"Every single element of each watercolour has been picked apart into its finest details, from testing different qualitys of gum arabic, testing, distilling and filtering our own distilled water, using vegetable glycerin for ethical reasons, testing multipule preservatives, looking into the history and speaking directly with manufacturers about our pigments to find the most vibrant hues and shades we were looking for, we've also tested how each colour drys when left in pans or on the pallete to avoid cracking and how to get the best activation from just the touch of a wet brush

Dot Cards ARTISAN High Pigment Watercolour

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