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There someting special about a painting created where you can see the artists mark making. In this class we will be working in the style of Scottish Landscape The Scott Naismith. 

We are going to have fun paintung a dramatic sky using thickly applied Acrylic paint using large brushes and pallet knifes.

Grab yourself a canvas and some paints and sign up today.

Material required

I suggest a Canvas around 16 x 12 inch
selection of acrylic paints. Choose colours you want in your sky.
I would suggest
Cerulean Blue
Cadmium Red
Cadmium Yellow
Black & White
Brushes and pallet knife - just grab what you have.

After the event you will be sent a recording of the session to watch again


Dramatic Sky Painting Tutorial

  • Your tutorial link and reference pic will download as a PDF at checkout

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