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Learn to capture the this cute clutch of chicks through the expressive medium of watercolour with Eunice Friend.

Eunice will take you, step-by-step through the basics using just 3 primary colours and also introduces  burnt sienna & Friends Grey (or Paynes Grey)

The combination of creating amazing  paintings in watercolour might, to the beginner, look a daunting prospect. However, if you are in capable hands and you're in for a treat and a wonderful learning experience as well!



Phthalo Blue

Hansa Yellow (Lemon Yellow)

Quinacradome Magenta

Friend Grey, (Paynes Grey

Burnt Sienna

Paper - Cold Pressed 300 gsm 140lb

Size 12 & 6 round brush

small flat brush



Sketch or trace the image ahead of the class

Brushes used, Size 12 and 6 round



Easter Chicks Watercolour Tutorial

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