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Join me in this class I’ll show you an easy way to draw a graceful flamingo with wonderful pink feathers. We’ll start with a graphite pencil outline. Then we’ll add some watercolour At the finishing stage of the process, we’ll work on textures and finer details using coloured pencils.

We’ll need a sheet of watercolour. (Mixed media paper is also an option.) My paper is a standard A4 size. The paper is quite heavy hot pressed, 280 gsm, and has a smooth texture. Keep in mind that papers with a very rough, textured surface make it more difficult to create details.


Rose, Crimson & yellow Ochre

Pencils: ( My colored pencils are Faber-Castell Polychromos.)Ivory, Brown Ochre, Light Flesh, Paynes grey, deep red, salmon, Rose carmine, Red violet

Flamingo Watercolour & Colour Pencil Tutorial

  • Your tutorial link and reference pic will download as a PDF at checkout 


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