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H-SEAL Concrete Counter Sealer.

This is the only food safe matt finish sealer specifically designed for concrete countertops and worktop, in the UK. It is formulated to match the America renowned ‘Cheng countertop sealer’, but with added heat proof properties.

FOOD SAFE: This is a food safe solvent free sealer design for food preparation surfaces.

WATERPROOF: This sealer absorbs into the pores of the concrete to stop water soaking up into it. Instead water is rejected and just sits on the surface.

MATT FINISH: If you look at the images you can see how the Matt finish of the worktop that the sealer is sitting on really has delicately subtle simmer that give a natural look to the concrete.

HIGH TEMPERATURE: This sealer is rated up to 200 degrees Celsius and so is great for placing hot pans or oven trays on top in the kitchen. Or for more exotic applications like fire pits or for outdoor bbq applications.

UV RESISTANT: This sealer is UV resistant and design to be used in direct sunlight without any issues for 10+ years


Apply a thin coat of the sealer using either a soft crush or foam applicator

Leave the first layer of sealer to dry.

Apply a second coat of sealer in the opposite direction to the first.

H Seal Concrete Sealer

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