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The new, 100% handmade Artway® Cotton-Rag paper packs are a fantastic addition to our Indigo handmade range. Each pack, being handmade, is entirely unique in tone and grain, though overall the paper is a mid-rough texture and a heavyweight 250gsm. For a unique and beautiful surface for your creative ideas, these paper packs are unmatched.

Suitable for watercolour, and all painting uses, as well as all dry and soft media - for oil painting, the surface will need to be prepared with gesso. Each sheet is individually handmade and features a fully deckled edge.

Created entirely by local artisans in Northern India using traditional paper-making methods,  It is also 100% acid-free with a neutral pH and internally gelatine sized.

Create your artworks using a unique, beautiful surface with Artway® Indigo Handmade Cotton-Rag paper.


  • 100% handmade Cotton-Rag paper, 250gsm - each sheet is unique
  • Available in A4 - approximate, due to the unique, handmade nature of each sheet
  • 5 sheets,  per pack
  • Mid-rough surface texture, deckled edge
  • Suitable for all dry and soft media as well as all paint types

Indigo Handmade 100% Cotton-Rag Paper Pack of 5: A4

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