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Learn how to create this beautiful scene using watercolour and making fluid ( Its easier than it looks)
Using a mix of warm and cool colours I will lead you through the steps to recreate this pretty landscape by Poppy Balser

For the beginner, watercolour can be a "tough beast" to tame. For the same reasons it is attractive to many, it can be tough to use. Especially if you prefer to have full control over the mark and the behavior of the medium. With watercolor, you have to learn to "let go" to a certain degree, and let the watercolor do what it wants to do.
Fear no more I will take you through the techniques to get you on your way to painting pretty landscapes in no time.
Watercolour is one of the most unique mediums for creating art. It's unpredictability and unique mark-making characteristics attract many artists, designers, and illustrators. The transparency of the colour produces luminous - almost glowing, colours. Its properties are unmatched by any other painting medium.

Grab yourself some me time whilst learning a new skill.

The lesson is hosted on Zoom and will be recorded and shared with you after the class.

Materials required
Cold pressed watercolour paper
Set of watercolour paints
Set of watercolour brushes
Masking Fluid

Kids on Skis Watercolour Tutorial

  • Your tutorial link and reference pic will download as a PDF at checkout


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