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For sale is a stunning oceanic coastal resin table, meticulously crafted in our Northamptonshire Studio by the skilled hands of Eunice J Friend. This exquisite piece features a captivating blend of vibrant oceanic hues encapsulated in resin, creating a mesmerizing visual effect reminiscent of the sea. Completed in two layers creating a 3d frothy wave ready to dip your toes into!

The table is 40cm in diameter and boasts a sturdy foundation with a 25mm thick bamboo base, providing both durability and a touch of natural elegance. The resin adds an additional 2.75mm depth, enhancing its allure and depth.

To complement its aesthetic appeal, the table comes with three robust 3-rod carbon steel hairpin legs, each measuring 50cm in length. These legs not only provide stability but also add a modern flair to the overall design.

Each table is bespoke and made to order ease allow 10 days for production.

For your convenience, the table will be pre-drilled to effortlessly accommodate the legs, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process.

Own this exquisite coastal resin table and bring a touch of oceanic charm into your living space. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire this unique piece of handmade craftsmanship, sure to be a focal point of any room

Oceanic Resin and Bamboo Side Table

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