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Silicone Rubber Mold Putty is a platinum-cure two-part mold making material that comes in the form of two component putties that you mix together by hand to form a molding putty. You then shape this material over or around an object that you want to copy. The material will then cure to form a durable, flexible mold exactly duplicating the object you shaped it around.

Silicone Putty is ideal for small mouldings and will replicate excellent detail from the original object producing a strong semi-flexible reusable mould. It has excellent self-releasing properties and will not require release agent for most applications.


Container A holds a white putty and container B holds a Red putty. A short instruction sheet is included,


 The instructions are simple. Just mix equal amounts of Putty A and Putty B by hand until there are no colour swirls remaining. This should take less than a minute. Then shape the putty around the item to be copied, making sure to take less than two minutes. The open time (workability time) is a total of three minutes and the demold (remove the mould from the object) time is 30 -45minutes.

Platinum Silicone Putty 45

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