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These fine artisan, handmade, watercolors are to die for! I have sourced the only the best pigments direct from a small independent UK supplier who have been serving artists since the 1800's


The highly concentrated  fine pigment and my own special binder  made up of organic gum arabic, distilled water, honey, glycerin, and clove oil (preservative), are mulled using the traditional method of Muller on glass. Each colour takes over an hour to process in small batches. When you receive your paints you will notice the difference. My unique recipe means that the paints have a sticky consistency that easily re wets producing a great concentrated colour straight out of the block.


The consistancy of each pan can vary depending on the natural properties of the pigments.

When receiving your paint, I advise letting them set in the freezer for about 10 minutes, as the tops of the pan may become sticky when exposed to any humidity during shipment. This will allow you to remove the wrapping around each pan with ease.

Quinacridone Magenta Handmade Watercolour Pan

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