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If you love working with pastel, then this project is definitely for you! In this class, you will learn my step-by-step method of drawing a cute Robin in a difused snow scene

Perfect for beginners & improvers

Pastels are unlike any other medium. In fact, they are so unique, finished pastel drawings are referred to as "paintings".  While clearly a drawing media (they are applied dry), the finished result resembles a painting. 

Unfortunately, new artists will often begin a pastel drawing and "give up" quickly. Pastels can be difficult to control when they are first applied to the surface. But with a proper understanding of the nature of medium, anyone can find successful results.  It simply requires a bit of patience and practice.
I will take you step by step through creating this painting.


To ensure accuracy, You can print of the reference picture and trace down onto your paper


Please invest in the correct paper to give yourself the best chance of success


Set of soft pastels (The quality of your pastels will effect the result, I recommend these mid price ranges, Faber Castell, Koh i nor, Royal Talens renbrandt}

Sheet of either Pastel Mat paper or velour (Black or Anthracite)

Set of Pastel Pencils

Colour shaper blending tool






Robin Snow Scene Pastel Tutorial

  • Your tutorial link and reference pic will download as a PDF at checkout

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