Sail Boat  Mixed Media  Tutorial

In this mixed media lesson, we’ll take a look at combining a variety of drawing and painting media to create a quick and loose sketch of three sailboats on the water.

We’ll first create a loose graphite sketch with a “F” graphite pencil.
We’ll then create a minimal pen and ink drawing defining mostly the contour lines.
Next, we’ll apply a few watercolor washes.
We’ll then enhance the color with a bit of white gouache (opaque watercolor).
Lastly, we’ll ad a few loose marks with colored pencils.
The Graphite Pencil
Fine Liner  Ink Pen
Watercolor Paints
We’ll use a simple palette of colors. The colors we’ll use here include…

Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Cadmium Red
Sap Green
Cadmium Yellow

White Gouache
Coloured Pencils
Wax-based colored pencils are used to enhance some of the colors within the image, but oil-based pencils are fine too
10% French Gray
Copenhagen Blue
90% Warm Grey
Sky Blue Light
Moss Green
Yellowed Orange
Colorless Blender

Sail Boat Mixed Media Tutorial


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