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A fantastic introduction to the Europol range of products, this Polyeurethane Fast Cast Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started. This Starter Kit comes with a link to an instructional video which will show you various ways of using this fantastic product.


Eurocast3 Polyeurethane Fast Cast Resin is specifically design to be used for casting fragile parts without the risk of breakage. it is a popular choice for casting patterns, moulds, thin prototypes and scale models and toys. Perfect for capturing fine detail this resin is very low viscosity, it has a pot life of 2 minutes and a demould time of 15 to 20 minutes

Product Contains:

1x Studio 5 - Eurocast 3 Resin - 2kg

•Eurocast Part A 1kg

•Eurocast Part B 1kg


Product Usage:

Pot life (100g room temperature):

2 minutes (un-filled mixture),

4 minutes (filled mixture).


Viscosity (25°C): mPas Part A: 85, Part B: 80


De-mould time (100g 25°C):

4-5mm 15 minutes,

30-40mm 30-40 minutes.

Studio 5 - Eurocast 3, Super Fast PU Resin

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