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Introducing Studio 5 Masking Fluid - 20 ml

Are you a watercolor artist in search of precision and control in your work? Studio 5 Masking Fluid is your essential tool for achieving breathtaking watercolor effects with ease.

Studio 5 Masking Fluid empowers you to take your watercolor artwork to new heights. Create striking, vibrant, and intricate compositions without worrying about preserving those precious white areas.

What Makes Studio 5 Masking Fluid Special?

Precision in Art: Studio 5 Masking Fluid is your secret to achieving those fine, detailed highlights and preserving the white of your paper in watercolor paintings. Say goodbye to the worry of painting around intricate areas - our masking fluid keeps those areas untouched.

Easy Application: This 20 ml bottle is designed for your convenience. With its flip top lid, you can dip your chosen tool to apply the masking fluid exactly where you need it. It flows smoothly, ensuring clean lines and controlled coverage.


Quick Drying Our masking fluid dries quickly, so you can get on with your creative process without unnecessary delays. It dries to a rubbery texture, making it easy to peel off once your masterpiece is complete.


Non-Staining Worried about staining or damage to your paper? Rest assured, Studio 5 Masking Fluid is non-staining and gentle on your watercolor paper.

Studio 5 Masking Fluid 20ml

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