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Studio 5 Beginners Watercolour Foundation Course and  optional Starter Set


The courses start on the 2nd of April and can be viewed live or at your leisure after the live event.

Unlock your artistic potential with this comprehensive foundation course and starter set, designed to inspire and empower beginners in the world of watercolour painting. Downloadable worksheets and ref files will be emailed to you.


Our carefully curated starter set includes everything you need to kickstart your watercolour journey.




12 sheets of A5, 300 gsm cold-pressed watercolor paper for quality and durability


Size 12 and size 6 faux sable round brushes, perfect for various painting techniques.


A set of 5 - 3ml watercolour paints, offering all the colours you need for your projects.


3ml masking fluid to explore resist techniques and add intricate details to your paintings.


Digital Download watercolour course:




Lesson 1: Understanding Watercolour - Tricks and Techniques: 2nd April


Explore the fundamentals of watercolor, learning essential tricks and techniques that form the foundation of successful watercolor painting. Develop an understanding of water control, brushwork, and layering.


Lesson 2: Colour Mixing - Working with Your Primary Colours: 4th April


Dive into the world of color mixing. Discover the magic of blending and harmonizing your primary colors to create a vibrant and nuanced palette. Develop the skills to bring your imagination to life on paper.


Lesson 3: Learn to Paint a Hare: 9th April


Apply your newfound knowledge by creating a charming watercolor painting of a hare. Learn brushstroke techniques, fur detailing, and the art of capturing the essence of your subject.


Lesson 4: Learn to Paint a Lighthouse with Crashing Waves: 11th April


Challenge yourself with a dynamic seascape. Explore the techniques of painting crashing waves, capturing movement and energy, while depicting the majestic presence of a lighthouse.


Lesson 5: Learn to Paint Lemons - Capturing Texture: 16th April


Experiment with texture as you delve into the world of still life. Paint vibrant lemons, mastering the art of texture, light, and shadow to create a visually appealing composition.


Lesson 6: Learn to Paint Abstract Flowers: 18th April


Unleash your creativity with abstract floral painting. Develop a personal style as you explore expressive brushstrokes and imaginative color choices to create a unique and captivating floral composition

Watercolour Beginner Foundation Course

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